Where can I place a link to my site?

Of course here, FreeJournal created for this purpose. In order to have a tangible effect from the link, you need to place it in the article. More information about us can be found here.

How do I place links correctly?

All links must correspond to the text in which they are made. You can't write cake recipes and link to an online clothing store-Google won't understand. Such links are rated low by the search engine or completely ignored.

Also, you don't need to spam too much — such content is perceived as oversaturated and unsuitable for perception. You need to keep the natural spread of keys and phrases.

As anchors, it is recommended to use words that related to the main topic of the article. Redirecting to another web page using the words "here" and "here" is not as effective as using keywords.

For example, if you write about dog breeds, it is recommended to link to the name of the breeds: poodles, huskies. This option is rated much better than "you can Find out more here". Addresses attached in the following format are evaluated in the same way: https://eeee.ru. To get a full profit from the voice link, it is worth a little work on creating anchors, rather than losing points on Google's sanction.

The relevant anchor works more effectively

Metrica is focused on evaluating the relevance and relevance of Internet links on web pages with different subject areas. What does Google take into account in its analysis?
- Thematic connectivity
- Indexing by keywords
- Local affiliation
This sensitivity allows you to exclude the influence of spam links-votes.

Links from thematically linked pages have more weight

Unique domain-plus in the piggy Bank of votes

Statistics show that Google-service objectively approaches the assessment of the popularity of a particular web resource. Its analytical metrics include a built-in assessment of the page's popularity not only within a single Internet project, but in the network as a whole.

Therefore, the promotion of Internet sites should be conducted on a large scale, attracting traffic from different sides. In practice, it is found that 50 web links made from different domains bring more profit than 500 from the same domain.

To increase the effect, FreeJournal has several mirrors, for example freejournal.info The number of mirrors will constantly increase.

Links from unique domains have more weight

Fresh links — up-to-date content

Google reacts to the growth and outflow of the reference mass. If other network users actively bring traffic to your Internet resource, it means that you are in a trend. When the hype subsides and the number of exits decreases, relative to the previous months, the rank drops.

This behavior of the web program is due to the fact that it evaluates a web resource based on historical data. The relevance of your web page is evaluated by activity over all time periods: past and present. Therefore, if the link mass decreases sharply, the rating also falls. The web search engine begins to regard the portal as outdated.

The growth of links indicates the relevance of the content

Mention-plus to authority

Google Metrica is configured to work with entities. This means that the program can recognize individuals, brands, and unique products. At the same time, it is not even necessary to talk about the original source. Therefore, the promotion of the resource is possible with a non-reference mention.

This ranking algorithm works on associations, which makes web analysis more objective. In the network, it is not uncommon for information to be borrowed without the request of the copyright holder. The associative metric allows you to get a plus rating, even if no one took care of you.

Entities and mentions without HTML links